Miyesha McGriff

2017 Reflections

Happy Holidays! 

I hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas, and are preparing for the New Year.  For most, this is a time for reflection and meditation as we move into 2018.  I am no exception.  This time of year, I love to take a moment and look back at all of the blessings, life lessons, and living I’ve experienced.  

This very time last year (December 2016), I felt a shift within myself.   A shift of motivation and confidence in my talent.  I was participating in a huge modeling opportunity, working a full-time job in NYC, and attending dance classes on a regular schedule (side note: maybe the fact that the modeling opportunity was a body painting gig might’ve had something to do with this new found boost in pursuing my dreams). Earlier in the year of 2016, my daily schedule consisted of work and little to no dance in my life.  But for some reason in December, I became this new person.  Someone who suddenly remembered the talent that God blessed her with and what her dream was.  From December and into the new year, my daily schedule looked like this: attend ballet class (Yes, before work), work, stretch at the gym/ take another class after work, head home, eat dinner, and look up upcoming auditions.  Huge difference, I know! Even my roomies saw a change. 

So in the new year of 2017, I would attend all auditions that I could just to build up the practice of going. My roommate(s) would keep me in the know of other opportunities and kept me motivated as well. I even began to noticed I would give advise to others that I could see giving up on themselves. I didn’t want them to feel even an ounce of what I felt for so long.  When speaking to these beautiful people/artist, it almost felt like I was speaking into a mirror and speaking to myself.  The more I heard myself motivate others, it motivated me!  Keep going!  You know this is what your are supposed to be doing.  In late January, I attended the NYC Audition for Collage.  I was so nervous!  Hadn’t even been in pointe shoes in forever (KEEP WEARING YOUR POINTE SHOES LADIES!!!).  But all I could do was my best.  My best wasn’t perfect, not at all, but my best was enough for me.  I am so thankful to God that I was given this opportunity to fall in love with Dance again.  

All of this to say, Stay positive, stay prayerful, listen to your heart, and follow your dreams.  Its never too late!  But the most important thing is that you have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you!  Below I have listed a few blessings and life lessons from this past year.  Lord willing, 2018 will be even better! 

Dancingly yours,

Miyesha McGriff

Blessings and Lessons of 2017

Blessing(s): To be given the opportunity to dance for a company that believes in what I believe in; Having my family and friends as a lifeline/support system; The opportunity to make 2018 even better

Lesson(s): Know who you are and don’t compare yourself to others; Don’t go through life with the same actions/reactions, expecting different results/outcomes (more like a quote, unknown author); don’t take your time here on earth for granted. it could end at any moment. 

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