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Hello everyone,

Today I want to share something that was shared with me. You ever have those days where you are stuck in your head and thinking about everything you need to do at home, for work, artist- learning a new work, etc? Does it make you overwhelmed? Do you only think of yourself? Take a minute and really think about it…. now Stop! I know, the room just started spinning. Stop doing this to yourself! (This is a great time for a reminder. This blog is to help others… AND MYSELF LOL. I get it, easier said than done. ) A very close friend of mine sent me a link of the amazing Alonzo King speaking about how as artist, we must be the poets (link provided below). We make things harder by thinking and getting in our heads. This is something that I struggle with daily! What makes an artist is the reality of the emotions we embody as human beings. We need to be real. Show courage, fearlessness, & compassion. Not in our heads and superficial. Use your emotions to be real. Connect to others. Now, some of you are thinking, ‘I’m not a dancer or artist, how does this relate to me’? …. I got you!

Sunday in church, the message was titled: Where do I stand? How can you connect to others? With everything going on in the world, we can’t stand back and not wonder where do I stand on these different issues/topics/events. There was a lot in the message but I’ll share this with you. If you are experiencing or going through something, how would you want to be helped by others? Be that person for others. You see someone down, give them some words of encouragement, an ear for listening, and if needed a shoulder to cry on. That’s what makes us human. The empathy for others. This alone will help you put things in perspective and see that things could be worse or it might just make you feel better helping someone else. We need to uplift one another more. Let’s stop kicking people when they are down.

So today what I want you to leave with is the understanding that as humans (and as artist!), we must empower ourselves and each other. Be human in your daily work and help one another. You never know the next time you will need that encouragement. Who will be there to help you?

Dancingly yours,


Don’t forget to visit the link below for the full message from Alonzo King!!!

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