Miyesha McGriff

This is 30!

Hello everyone,

I know I’ve been m.i.a. for awhile. But that’s only because I have been enjoying my
life and practicing being present in what I’m doing. Not too much has
changed since I last wrote. Let’s see, I just…

1.) completed my second season with Collage

2.) saw artistic and personal growth within myself

3.) TURNED 30! 

4.) performed at The Kennedy Center (no big deal lol)

All of the above are such amazing feats and accomplishments but I think the biggest to me had to be turning 30.

For most artist, turning 30 is scary. It’s basically the end of your career
right!?!?!? Not at all! I’ve never felt so confident in my body. I
understand things/movement differently than I ever have. Seeing the
growth and changes that I choose to make are more visible than ever
before; and I’m learning to really embrace and love me. This doesn’t mean that dancing has become easier… It just means that I’m embracing what I have AND understanding that I have to work harder to keep what I have! For example, growing up I never had to work on flexibility.  It was definitely something that came to me naturally.  BUT NOW… I definitely spend a little more time warming up and stretching before my usual day of activity.

Looking forward to this new decade of growth not just in movement but in Life, I have created a list of things I would like to accomplish or work on in my personal life.  I wont share them here, just because I am a firm believer that some things should remain private.  But I share this to say, take the time to write down what you want to see come to life!  Wish list, bucket list, goals lists, are real! When you take a moment to write things down, they are no longer a thought.  It is now a physical item now. Something that has become tangible.  You work harder for these things when they seem more attainable.  All it takes is to make a thought into an action!   

If there is anything I can say to you is this, as we get older we get
better. This is the wisdom/ maturity that only comes with age and
experience. Not just professional experience, but LIFE experience. I
don’t say this to say that young people don’t have wisdom, but there is a
different wisdom that is exuding from me these days. I can only credit
my experiences with this (and Gods life lessons of course). Embrace the
change, embrace the fear, because on the other side of those emotions is
growth and more enlightenment. We are all trying to live our best lives
and are at different stages. But one thing we all have in common… is
getting older.

Embrace the age, embrace the growth.

Love you guys,

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