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Hello everyone!

First, I would like to say Happy New Year. I hope your 2018
is off to a great start! What’s been going on with me you ask?… January and
February have been extremely busy! Busy and good! A lot of traveling. We are in
the middle of tour season. So far, we have gone to NYC, Salt Lake City,
Mississippi, and Washington DC, as well as our Memphis Rise season. Up next is

NYC has to be a highlight. It was the first time I returned
since I move to Memphis. It brought back this confident Miyesha that I knew I
found when living there. It was so great to see so many familiar faces that
supported me to get to where I am now. It was just the feeling of being in my
own skin! A feeling I don’t know how else to describe. But every city has a
different feeling.

In Salt Lake City (really we were in Ogden, UT), the scene
of the mountains brought this feeling of docile tranquility. Yes, the altitude
was a little challenging to dance in. But, the view was breathtaking. If you
didn’t believe in God, you would of then. I felt so close to my creator at this
time. It reminded me how big the world really is and how I am a mere vessel
living in it. Amongst all the chaos of travel and performing, there was a
glimpse of peace. I’m not going to go into detail about each city, but these
two stood out the most.

China… let’s see. I’m excited to have the opportunity to
go and do what I love In another country. I have a few concerns. What do we
eat? What all do I need to pack? Do I have enough Currency? How Do I say
‘Hello’ in Chines? I guess I have some homework to do before we leave!  What I am looking forward to, is seeing
another culture and hopefully there will be time to explore with friends and
colleagues. I’ve received all vaccines and my passport is packed, so China here
I come! I know that God’s got me. My prayer warriors please send prayers for
safe travels and great performances along the way!

Alright guys, that’s my update for now. As always, any
questions or comments just send them my way. Thank you for the continued support!
Love you all.

Dancingly Yours,

Miyesha McGriff

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