Miyesha McGriff

The Tendu

Hello Everyone,

October has been a very busy month! It started with a surprise visit home; ended with a tour to Albany, NY, and a Fall season show!  All is well in my world (:-)).  During my visit home, I had some time to mentally regroup and share time with close family and friends (much needed). Also spent time taking classes at my Alma Mater.  It was such a great feeling to be in a place that was so familiar but the experience was so new.  I realized I wasn’t the same person taking these classes as I was all those years ago (okay, it wasn’t that long ago, but 6 years is awhile… just saying). 

Being in the studios that I had spent four years in, four years of memories and growth, friendships, life lessons, all brought back so much for me.  The highlight was sharing my post college experience with some of the current students.  Just to give them the encouragement that everyone has their own path and to not compare themselves to others (#RespectOthersJourney).  They asked questions about next steps and where my peers were.  It was so great to tell them the things that I wished someone told me!  And, to have the support of my professors.  For years, I felt that my professors weren’t there for me, but the reality was, I didn’t know how to reach out to them as I should have.  They were/are a resource for me to reach out.  The only thing missing was my action of reaching out to them.  They were rooting for me all along.  I know that now, and so do those students I spoke to!

This post is a short one, but I’ll leave you with some photos of some of the amazing people I got to share my college experience with.  Don’t forget, you can always reach out via my contact page or connect with me via Instagram (@miss_mcgriff_) 

Dancingly yours,


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